I stray from the path of love,

When at dawn beauty sings like a dove

Thirty two pieces of cigar on the balcony,

I lose a quarter of me and search

for one of you.

Your sorcery in my frailty, I find

There is no power-

in your deity there is a kind.  

10:00 pm and the memories are wild


Red wine bottles crackle at the corner

four meters away from the fireplace.

You smell like a ghost that

on 14th of November, I wore

The black hoodie imitates my face

the voice of silence lingers

It gushes out of the wardrobe

and I’m a visitor in my own mind


I stray from kindness, and

I stray from pity

There’s a light I’m waiting on

a moment to wait for

The smell of spring may shatter all

So two more leaves to fall, and I’ll

stray no more.



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A song

     Seven – Haiku song


Once I loved a boy

Who feared so much about his heart

Twice I saw him cry


Once I searched for joy

that lasts even when light dies

twice I found myself


Once I yearned for death

that ends the transit on earth

Twice I saw my mom


Once I felt ashamed

Of my body and my scent

twice you tasted me


Once I drew the line

Between freedom and madness

twice you stood by me


Once I felt a pain

In my chest and in my heart

twice you kissed my shame


Once I ran away

From facing rejection and

twice you loved me same.




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Only some time ago

Only some time ago,

We waded through history
with whistles and hummings that arose from the downpour of love
We watched morning from our horizon cloth itself with the winds that each day took away our names.
only some time ago that seem in my mind a yesterday,

we were two boys following the fumbling
feet of crows as they perched
on the branches of the young
odums and the wawas
our catapults were as innocent as our feet
and we meandered our ways through
the newly-made farm that blinked in
glory as the nipples of a black
untouched woman

Days were what we didn’t count
in our mothers’ bossoms we dwelt
and at night when demons
surveyed our lands,
we were the only eyes that met the
minds between Change and Stay
and we laid down, sleep-deprived,

waiting for a future that woefully smiles at
our innocent endearing minds.
we were friends
one of yesterday and the other, of today
I remember our teeth that knew no fluorides

and our hands that knew no sin aside

killing those innocent but wicked birds
that ate my father’s maize farm away.

and until time pounced on us,
we were those that always settled

with the innocent and free


Fri, 27/07/18.


With our gold rimmed glasses,
Our cataracts are hidden
walls around our weaknesses,
Our interiors are forbidden
It’s easy to be a critic
When you’re from the next town
No one sees your spots
No one knows your frown
Those curtains we draw,
Would soon be torn apart.
The masks we wear, break into pieces
We’ll sneak into our deeds with hisses
we won’t be this, we believe
We’ll meet the exorcists and be relieved.
But as long as saints remain saints,
And WE are dented with stains,
We can’t be like them,